SEO Autopilot Review: Best SEO Tool 2019

SEO Autopilot Review: Best SEO Tool 2019

Why SEO Autopilot is a must-have tool for any SEO expert…

Our SEO Autopilot Review shows success rates on popular sites more than 90 percent!  [Better than MoneyRobot, SEnuke, GSA]

Its features like Link Matching, Anchor Text controls are unique and bug-free. More than that, It regularly gets updated in terms of functions, new sites, and bug fixes.


  • High Success Rate for public web2.0
  • Regular updates and quality support
  • Manage your High DA Web 2.0’s PBN’s
  • Advanced Link Matching Feature
  • 10 types of anchor text for maximum diversity
  • Advanced Account Protection Feature and Posting Algorithm
  • Professional White label Reports
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Useful for Local SEO and Youtube Video SEO
  • Inbuild functions for content creation, Indexing etc to make your life easier
  • Much more…
  • You need some premium tools to unlock the full potential
  • There is a learning curve to understand all the features it offers

Supported Platforms on SEO Autopilot:

  • Wix
  • + Many more & Updated regularly!


The truth is, NO SEO tool has a push and rank button. All these tools mean to help you with your SEO knowledge. The more you know about SEO, the better you can make use of tools.

SEO Autopilot alone is not enough and the key to success depends upon how you integrate it into your overall SEO strategy.

SEO Autopilot creates Authority links, Forum Links Web2.0 accounts and more, keeping them active by posting content to them completely on autopilot.

Who doesn’t want to get links from WordPress Tumblr and high authority link sources?
SEO Autopilot Review
SEO Autopilot Review

Features of SEO Autopilot:

  • Quality and Authority Link Sources: it create WordPress, Tumblr, Webs, Jimdo, Jigsy, LiveJournal etc with a 95+% success rate.
  • Advanced Link Matching Feature to control anchor text profile with multiple pages campaigns in the same niche.
  • Drip feed links.
  • Support proxies and bind accounts with specific proxies to avoid bans.
  • Human Emulation with real chrome browser.
  • Re-post to the same accounts (To keep the web2.0s profile active).
  • Loads of API integrations for indexer and content spinners.
  • White-label reports for clients
  • Can use own CPanel Emails for maximizing success rate.
  • There is definitely a learning curve but if you know SEO, it is simple to use.


The Strategy

  • Make SEO Autopilot a part of your SEO Strategy and never give up. It just takes a little time. And
  • Learn as much as possible about how to set up the SEOautopilot campaigns correctly.

Seo autopilot review

Type of links SEO Autopilot can build:

  • Web2.0 Blog Links.
  • Authority and EDU links
  • PDF
  • Wiki Links
  • Forum Profiles

Seo autopilot review

Look at the control SEOap provide on link building

  • Can signup and post articles on high authority blogging platforms on autopilot.
  • Include relevant Images.
  • Embed Youtube video.
  • Embed Google Map.
  • Can include authority and money site links at random positions and
  • 10 types of anchor texts to make realistic-looking anchor text profile.
  • The best thing is, it gives full control over the content. Make your content as better as you can and it will post it supported sites. If configured correctly, you will end up with real looking web2.0 profiles linking to your money site.


SEO Autopilot Review
SEO Autopilot Review

Frequent Updates

SEO Autopilot does get updated at least once a week. In that regular updates, they fix the broken websites and add new ones too.

They released a Big (Turbo Wizard update) in July 2019 and working on another update within 2019.

Even while writing this SEO Autopilot review there has been an update!

The support provided by Elias and the whole SEOap tech team is a turning point in tool success. They have a really active and growing Facebook Group. The group is more than just support and there are many discussion about what is working in SEO. The Facebook group makes it easy to spot bugs and make sure the tool is being updated regularly.

This is what makes the price reasonable for any service.

Below are some of the features which are suggested by the community to the Elias and Kristofer.

  • Link Wheel: There is no way to create an open or closed link wheel in single web 2.0 group by SEO Autopilot

For example,

If I am using only one web 2.0 group of say 50 web 2.0 properties, now I want to create a link wheel of these 50 or just interlinking among these.

It is not possible with SEOap till now but they have plans to add it,

This is not implemented yet maybe because link wheels leave major footprints behind. But, if interlinking is random and done right, there are lots of potentials to work with LinkWheels.

Do the links and accounts stick as well?

This is being asked too many times.

I can’t imagine why not they stick. We are using proxies and a real browser Human Emulation. Still, there are ways to avoid account ban and increase the success rate.

IMO, this is not the tool who gets your links deleted, it is the way you use it.

  • Don’t post spam and gibberish all day long! Give accounts some rest and if possible, post the first couple of articles without money site link.
  • Don’t use keyword stuffed usernames. I prefer to use default usernames. It is obvious that WordPress is more likely to delete than
  • Use images and Youtube videos to make blogs real looking.
  • Use high authority links in your industry. It won’t dilute the link juice but actually, make your links more strong.
  • Use the appropriate number of proxies. Using 10 proxies and building 50 accounts daily on the same property is not fair.
  • Use your own rotating dot-com domains for emails. SEO Autopilot provides them but they are not enough for hundreds of users.

A fair number of Proxies to use

Do I have to use proxies for running SEO Autopilot campaigns? Or not?

Yes, using proxies is MUST with SEOAutopilot.

Using proxies allows us to create multiple accounts of the same property.

  • 25 are enough for a medium-light user doing SEO for a couple of websites.
  • Proxies lower the ban rate and increase the success rate.

SEO Autopilot Backup

I highly recommend doing a quick BACKUP of all the SEOap data including accounts, campaigns just to save your life in case of a machine failure.

  • Campaign.sapd file under the DATA folder is everything we MUST need to back-up. This includes all your current campaigns, Accounts, etc. (Not the universal setting, APIs)
  • You can get the entire DATA and Diagrams folders or even the entire SEO Autopilot folder to make sure you get everything.

Content for SEO Autopilot

Better content means more uniqueness and readability.

I am not a big fan of readability though. As long as it’s relevant, it works.

If you picked one article, spun it with spin-rewriter and used it in every web 2.0 box then it will end up being kinda duplicate. Because it will not create many variations.

Every place you paste an article it should be from the different source articles. Until you have not heavily spun it manually in Mattew Woodward style.

Kontent Machine content is highly spun but less readable, there are some other good tools for content such as ArticleForge or WordAI


SEO Autopilot Review
SEO Autopilot Review


Reposting Vs Mass Account Recreation

Strength lies in reposting to the blogs, rather than just mass creation.

Think about it,

Longer something is known to google the more {Power|Authority|Trust} it will have.

If you reuse those accounts and create T2+ to them, they gain Authority in time and the value increases each month. So the link juice that they are passing to your money sites increases too!


Instant Posting Vs Drip Feed

This completely depends upon your site and your project planning.

Like if you are using only plain URLs, you can select “Instant Posting”. Because you are not using anchors and there is no fear of being over-optimized.

You can drip feed them if you want.

I personally use the Instant post option without any issues. Just be sure about your anchors.

Retry with New Accounts Vs Same Accounts

Once the campaign complete and you want to improve the success rate of the campaign, You have two options for that.

Right-click on any failed task >> Select kill process >> Right-click the property again >> Select retry with New OR Same account




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