Massplanner Review 2017 – Best Social Media Management Software

If you are looking for Best Massplanner review than you are at right Place. Nowadays Many Internet marketers have Multiple social media accounts. It is not easy to manage these multiple social media accounts. Massplanner Software can easily help you to manage your social media accounts. 
There are many other softwares like Hootsuite, Instagress, Followliker, etc. Massplanner for Instagram is best alltime. After reading massplanner review you will also feel that massplanner is best.

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massplanner review
massplanner review


Massplanner Review

We all have management skills in our lives which make us the best. But we lack having a management for our social media accounts. Now, what if it is to be stated that there is social media management software that is doing rounds all over the internet? Yes, there it is. To be precise, the name of this social media management is a mass planner. To paint out the exact and the right image of this management software, we have lined up the review of the same here.

The features of MassPlanner are :

1.    This software can be used for the following Social Media Accounts
a)    Facebook,
b)    Twitter,
c)    Google +,
d)    Instagram,
e)    Pinterest
f)    LinkedIn.
2.    Things this software can do to on each of these accounts:
a)    On Twitter, it can follow or unfollow people every day. Put favorites tweets and even retweet, schedule tweets for you and upload bulk images and posts.
b)    On Pinterest, it can do the Auto RePin, likes Pins, comments on Pins, follows and unfollow people.
c)    On Facebook, it can help you in joining of same niche groups as well as find them for you, schedule the posts for you and do many other kinds of stuff that uses much time of yours
d)    On Google +, it can help you in finding and joining the communities, schedule content for you and follow as well as unfollow people for you.
e)    For LinkedIn, it will help you with the joining of groups, scheduling of the posts and find the target audience.
f)    On Instagram, this software helps you with the following and unfollowing thing. Also, it gives you the power to do the auto like and comment things for you.

Pros of Massplanner

1.    Helps you with the handling of multiple social accounts at one time.

2.    Helps you in building followers and engagements on posts.

3.    The unfollowers are handled easily by it.

4.    It’s reliable and well built.

5.    The add-ons that come with this software make it much better software.

6.    It takes no time to set it up.

7.    It helps you in saving your 3+ hours, everyday.

8.    You can enjoy a 5-day free trial click here.

With almost a month use of this program, you will find your interactions going upto 300% with a saving of 3 hours every day. It will just take only 5 minutes for you to set up the functioning of the bot and less than a minute to add all my accounts. The other benefit of this management software is that it gets started instantly on the start-up and takes very little resources. This clearly means that social media marketing can be always be done every day and that too without you even clicking a single button. Hope you all enjoyed massplanner review

Video of How to Create Standard Campaign in Massplanner

All you need to do is turn on your workstation and this Mass Planner will automatically start doing its work. Why wait anymore now, get started now.
Hope you all enjoyed the Massplanner Review

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