Make Money on Internet

Make Money on Internet with these 16 Methods

It’s not easy to make money on the Internet, neither it’s impossible. Today I will tell you about “How to Make Money online from Home”  or  you can say Make Money on Internet
It’s all about the smart work. Understand the google algorithm and work on it. There are many ways to Make good Money on the Internet. Blogging is one of the common and the best way. Make Money on Internet by these Legit methods.
Earn Money Online without Investment or without paying anything with google or through Facebook by paypal or through many other ways listed below.
Make Money on Internet
Make Money on Internet

So here’s the full list to make huge money by sitting at home without Investment. 

Make Money on Internet with these 16 ways

1) Blogging

This is one of my favorite ways and it’s kind of my hobby. Every day people are creating new blogs on different niches. Get a custom domain from GoDaddy or Bigrock. Add a hosting from Hostgator,Bluehost or site ground. Add a template related to your niche, now start writing articles. The questions like how to make a blog, no worry for it. Here’s the full guide on how to make money with Blogging. If you are tight on Budget for Hosting, you can try Blogger, it provides free Hosting. Here’s the Full Guide on How to create a Blogger Blog. There are many ways to monetize your Blog like Google Adsense, affiliate Marketing, CPA, selling services, or flipp th Blog.

Learn How to Get Adsense Account for your Blog

2) Freelancing 

If you any skills like writing content, translations, or any other skills, you can start freelancing. Sites like freelancer, Fiverr, and Up work have great opportunities for a freelancer. You can check this list of 40 best freelance sites. 

3) Sell Products on e-commerce sites

There are many e-commerce sites like amazon, eBay, Etsy and much more, where you can sell your products. These sites are trusted so it can give you good sales. Quality products get positive reviews, so sell high-quality products. So that you can generate more sales. 

Fake reviews will not work. Recently amazon has detected fake reviews, and the sellers were blacklisted. 

4) Sell Images

If you are good at photoshop or you have a good collection of your own copyrighted photos you can sell it. This will not generate the huge amount of revenue. 

5) Flipping Websites

Many bloggers, webmasters creates a blog/site and sell it after some months. There are different platforms for selling the site, but I would recommend Flippa and digital forum. After your site is listed, people start bidding. It depends upon the quality and rankings of the site. You have to show the earnings proof, traffic stats with real data. This is a kind of fast way to generate money. 

6) Youtube Channel

Creating a channel on Youtube is free, it takes 5 minutes to setup a channel on Youtube. Just create a google account, set up the channel, upload the videos. You can monetize with Adsense or you can do affiliate marketing by giving an affiliate link in video description. Copied videos are not allowed, Youtube is very strict regarding copyright issues.

7) Become a tutor

Many of people loved to learn on the Internet. So if you have skills like teaching on any topic, you must start it. For this you can get returning consumers, if you teach them properly, they can hire you again and also they will refer you if they liked your teaching method.

8) Design themes

Themes are always in demand, blogger always looks up for newly designed themes which can make their blog more attractive. You can design Blogger Templates or WordPress Templates

9) Get Paid to Taking surveys

It’s one of the easiest ways. No need of any experience or need of a blog or any skills, just you have to answer few questions. Participate in online surveys and make cash online. You can start making money by doing online surveys now. These are the surveys that actually pay cash. Paid surveys are always working for me. You can easily earn rewards for surveys. There are free surveys that pay cash.

10) Affiliate Marketing

Whenever you refer a product of an e-commerce site, if anyone takes any product from that site with your affiliate link, you get a commission. Sites like Amazon, Clickbank, Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal have good offers for affiliate marketers. You can promote affiliate offers on your blog or on social media.

11) Write eBook

Writing an ebook will not cost you more, but if you make it the quality ebook and promote it well, you can make a huge amount of money. You can sell it on your own blog or on amazon. Because amazon is the most trusted site. 

12) Writing Review for Websites or Apps

Newly launched apps or sites are in need of reviews, so you can write a review and get some money. Many of the real estate sites also need some reviews, contact them. Mostly on Yelp, Google Plus and for Facebook Pages companies are in need of reviews.

13) Promote CPA & CPI offers

CPA meaning cost per action, this is the little fast way to earn money. Sites like ogads have the great variety of CPA & CPI offers. Check this guide to make money with CPA offers of Maxbounty.

List of Best CPA Networks for Newbies

14) Buying and selling the domains

Search for domains which can be in great demand in near future, there is huge for exact match domain, as it is god for SEO. You can get a domain from Godaddy or big rock, they are the most trusted sites.

15) Guest Posts

If you are a good writer, then you can offer to bloggers for the guest post, some of them may pay you in return, I personally write guest posts on different blogs, but I don’t ask them for money. Because I am getting a backlink which helps me for ranking.

16) Link Building Services

If you are into SEO, you can offer link building services like Tired link building, PBN, Web 2.0, blog commenting, Article Submission, Guest posts, link wheel and many more services, these services are huge in demand. PBN is a complete black hat, I never tried it, so I don’t recommend it. 

These are the jobs from home that are not scams. Online money making opportunities can really work if you really work on it. In case, if you looking for any of these services, you can hire me for it or you can contact me on skype – craigslist_yelp.

So now select the method which you found easy and start working and bank the dollars. Remember quality work has more importance. First, learn the excellence of the specific work and then try it for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed the post of Make Money on Internet. Now you can easily make Money on Internet.