How To Start A Successful Youtube Channel

Whether you use it as a container, or regularly publish content for your audience, having a well-set channel is very important and is the number one rule on How To Start A Successful Youtube Channel,  to attract new visitors, optimize uploads and monitor the results of your videos on the platform.

In this post, you will see how to create a YouTube channel from scratch, step-by-step, optimizing the settings and taking care of the design: you’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly you can create one. Throughout the process, keep in mind who your personal buyer is, and what the channel will do: it will be easier to build something that fits your needs.

First of all we create a new channel: if you don’t already have a channel, try to take any action (I like it, sign up) and YouTube will ask you to create an account; otherwise go to the settings of your existing channel, and in the “account” section click the link “view all my channels or create a new channel”.

Click “create new channel” and we are ready to start.


Name Your Channel

The page you will see now will ask you to name the channel. The most obvious thing is to give the name of your brand, but if the channel takes on a particular function (for example, if you plan to publish exclusively video-news in your sector), you can play on it and create a more distinctive name.

Now that we have created the channel, let’s take care of customizing its appearance.


Channel Icon

The icon is the “profile picture”, and therefore it is the face of your brand, which we will find not only on the channel page, but under each video you upload.

As for the name, you should customize the icon according to the contents we’re going to upload. If it is a simple company channel, the logo is sufficient, if instead it is something more specific, you can adapt the logo so that you understand the different nature of the product that you will populate on the channel.

Avoid writing, such as payoffs, or oversized logos because the icon is very small and round. Focus the logo (or its distinctive character) in the center of the image and strip it of writings, especially those that are too small. In the example below you see on the left the icon of our channel; while on the right, as it would be if we loaded the logo without modifications.

To change the icon, just click on it from your channel, and it will redirect you to Google plus where you can upload it.


Channel Graphics

The banner you find above your channel is an excellent opportunity to show a little personality. Make sure you get the dimensions correct when designing your channel graphics and test them on multiple devices to make sure they all look good.

Once this is done, it will be sufficient, from your channel page, to click on “customize channel” and then on “add channel graphics” and load it.

  • YouTube profile picture (also known as the “channel icon”) size is 800 x 800 pixels.
  • The optimal size for YouTube channel art is   2560 x 1440   pixels.
  • The best size for a YouTube video thumbnail photo is 1280 x 720   pixels.


Description of the channel

Give a welcome message to those who, for the first time, visit your channel. Write who you are, what you do and above all what you are going to publish. In addition, you can also enter an email address to be contacted.

Don’t forget to enter the address of your site and the links of your social profiles under the description, in the “link” section.

Now, before moving on to the other steps, verify your account by associating a valid phone number, so as to unlock all the features and tools of your channel.


Custom layout

Your out-of-the-box channel looks like a list of videos and playlists. It’s not very appealing, is it? There is a command that allows you to reorder the contents of your channel so that you can choose featured content and a trailer to entice visitors to sign up.

Go to your channel and click on the gear next to the subscribe button, a window will open where you will need to mark “Customize your channel layout “. By doing so, you can add a trailer, sections and video playlists to better show your content to your visitors.


Thumbnail Images

The thumbnail, or preview image, is a FUNDAMENTAL element of each video: it is the business card, which will entice you to click on the video to view it. (Thumbnails that stand out get more clicks, it’s a proven fact.)


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Thumbnail Blaster


Although thumbnails should be customized for each video, having repeating elements make them instantly recognizable.

For this reason, before publishing anything, he studies a template that combines fixed elements with variable elements. For example, on our thumbnails, the square with the title, the logo and the pattern remains, as the photo in the background changes from time to time.

Now all you have to do is upload the image when loading new videos, or in the settings of those already loaded.


Default Upload Settings

Now that we’ve taken care of the look of the channel, let’s take a look behind the scenes, starting with the default settings.

If in the description you often enter some information, like your website, and always add the same tags, you can set some default values that will appear by default at each upload.

To set them, just go from the studio creator to “Channel”, and to “default video settings loaded”. Here you just need to add the text that will appear automatically at each upload.


Watermark (branding)

To brand your content, go to “channel”, and then “branding. From here you can upload an image in PNG that will appear during your videos, or at a time you can set

This watermark, not only will brand all your videos without you moving a finger, but it will also be interactive on the desktop and allow you to subscribe to the channel by hovering over them with the pointer.


Google Analytics

If you already have a Google Analytics account to monitor your site, you may want all the insights in one place: there is the possibility of connecting your channel very easily, going to “studio creator”, “channel” and then “advanced” “.


Channel Managers

Do you want to leave your channel to your collaborators, so as to dedicate yourself to the conception of the contents? Without you sharing your Google account with them, you can invite 3 types of collaborators:

The owners can perform almost any action and control account managers;

  • The managers can use Google services related to the brand, for example, share photos on Google Photos or post videos on YouTube.
  • The communications administrators can perform the same operations managers, but may not use YouTube.
  • Each collaborator will access your channel with his account: to add or remove one go to the channel settings, clicking on the gear next to the word “creator studio”, and going to “add or remove managers”.

A window will open from which you will click on “manage permissions”, then on the icon at the top right to add one, entering your email address and the privilege you want to assign to it.

The channel is now complete. As you have seen it is very easy and fast to get an organized and captivating channel for your content.

Once you have your content uploaded to your channel and have everything in place, you’ll need to learn how to rank your videos…

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