How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Videos

The amount of leads we can create in our business is limited to just how long we have, or can it be? There’s one way to pull tons of leads and develop your business faster than ever — During the power of viral marketing.

In this article, I will show You how you can grow your company virally using videos. Viral marketing is the marketing of word of mouth (or internet sharing) which helps you develop your internet business by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

With the emergence of Social sharing movie web sites such as YouTube, people are able to easily upload videos for free and reach a broad audience in a short amount of time. The trick is in generating good viral content which makes folks want to discuss it.


Video Marketing

Make some funny videos Related to your articles, employ a professional to generate a cool movie or if you have some skills in video editing, consider making something cool yourself. After that, post the video up on YouTube and get people to see it.

Blast your movie to your Email listing, ask your friends to see it and invite your viewers to share it with your own buddies. The more people that share or view it, the higher position it’s going to get in the movie search engine and therefore, more folks will notice it in return.


Keyword research is also Very important. On your movie description, be sure to include keyword rich descriptions within. This is because YouTube ranks very high in the search engines, therefore the more targeted your keywords are, the easier people can locate your content and assist your videos get higher viewership.


TIP: Don’t Forget to include a link in your description to a site of your online Business or include a call to action at the end of your video.


How To Use Videos To Effectively Market Your Business

  1. Videos can be a great way to market your business to a wider audience. One good thing about videos is it conveys professionalism and shows that you are a person to be taken seriously.
  2. No one likes to read chunks and chunks of information, and videos can be a great way to spread information to wide audience because they are easy to digest and are generally more interesting to view. You can use videos as an alternative source for providing information to your followers as well.
  3. One good way to market your business using videos is through the viral effect. Interesting, quirky videos can be easily shared over social networks and can be easily uploaded onto video sharing sites such as YouTube and Metacafe.
  4. Speaking of YouTube, YouTube is largest video search engine in the world and you can upload videos for free. You can draw extra traffic to your website by adding a call to action at the end of the video and include links to your web sites under at the description box. If you frequently post videos, you can ask your video sharing community to subscribe to your YouTube account for more cool videos.
  5. Ever tried making a profile video? A profile video with you starring in it can convey sincerity and allows people to connect with you at a more personal level, it’ll let them go thinking…”Hey, he’s just like me”
  6. One more way to market your business is through video testimonials or reviews. The human factor in video testimonials makes your products seem more genuine and believable. This source of social proof can boost your profits up a notch.
  7. In short, videos make a great addition to your marketing arsenal and should be implemented in addition to your conventional marketing methods.

YouTube Tips For Marketing Your Business Using Videos

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and is the largest video search engine in the world. It is also currently owned by Google – The largest search engine in the world (as of 2011). Right now, there are millions of videos being viewed everyday and if you don’t tap into YouTube as a source of traffic and marketing medium for your business, you’ll potentially be leaving tons of money on the table.


Let’s look at some YouTube tips for marketing your business. The best way to market your videos is through viral videos. Viral videos are cool, interesting and valuable videos that make people want to share them with their friends. Thankfully, YouTube allows for easy sharing on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and also allows fans to subscribe to a video channel for the latest updates.

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Get a video up onto YouTube and tweak it accordingly. Make sure at the end of your videos there is a call to action so that you can tell your viewers to take the next action such as visit a website or follow you on Facebook or Twitter.


In the description area, always include your link to your website on the first line of the first paragraph. This helps improve SEO and gets a free backlink to your website. It is also the first thing people see when they watch the video.


In your description area, make sure you include high search volume keywords so that people can find your content easily. YouTube ranks high in the search engines so by putting your content on YouTube, it makes your stuff much easier to find.


Last but not least, promote your videos to your list of followers. The more people that view your videos, the more eyeballs it will get because YouTube will feature more popular videos in the front of the searches.

Videos: Using Them As A High End Product

Selling e-books is a great way to make fast cash because of ease of delivery and transaction. The problem arises when there are too many e-books in a market and you just can’t make enough from selling e-books. So how do we come up with premium digital products that you can make more money from?


Enter videos: Using them as a high end product. Here are a few reasons why you should use videos instead of e-books as products. Now, videos usually have a higher perceived value than e-books because it costs more to create them (not necessarily) and because of that, you can place a higher value for the product.


On top of that, videos are also more preferred compared to books. Nobody loves to read chunks and chunks of information, but they can sit around and watch videos for hours. Videos incorporate audio and video elements which make the process much more enjoyable.


Video content has the ability to go viral easily. With the emergence of video sharing sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe, sharing videos becomes a walk in a park and the more viral the content of your video, the potential for growing your business by leaps and bounds becomes higher.


Here’s another good trick, once you’ve sold an e-book to a customer, you can offer to upsell them a video version of the product or packaged them together and sell them at a higher price. Videos also make great backends (upsells and downsells) to existing products and can help you make extra bucks by riding on their “buying mode” emotions.


In short, the potential of video products as a high priced premium product is definitely there. Tap into it today less you leave out tons of money on the table.


The Upsell: How To Double Your Profits Using Videos

Do you know what is an upsell?

Have you ever been to McDonalds and bought a burger set, and then the server asks if you would like to supersize your set for an extra couple of bucks?

Yep, that’s also known as an upsell.


In the online marketing world, you can upsell your customers with other products of interest as well. Did you know that when a person buys a product, there’s up to a 50% chance that they would buy another product if the product complements your existing product and they have the cash budget for it?


This is where videos come in. You can double your profits using videos by using them as an upsell. As we all know, videos have a higher perceived value and can often be sold at a much higher price because they are more expensive to produce. You can even triple your profits by burning your videos into CDs and shipping t hem to your customers. The fact that the product is physical makes the perceived value even higher!


You can sell a video as an upsell to an e-book or audio course, or bundle them together with the e-book and sell it for a premium price.  Videos can also double your profits through helping you market existing products. This is done through the power of viral marketing. The more viral and sticky the content of your videos, the more people are willing to share them and this can help you grow your business faster easily.


In short, you should almost always bundle existing products with a video version because people respond better to video products and they have a higher conversion rate compared to conventional e-books. Don’t leave money on the table!


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