How to fix rats WebGL hit a snag error

How to fix rats WebGL hit a snag error [2017 Method]

In this post you will learn How to fix rats WebGL hit a snag error. Read the full method to fix the rats WebGL hit a snag error.
rats webgl hit a snag
rats webgl hit a snag

About WebGL

WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library which is an API which chrome offers for high end JavaScript interactive computer graphics in 3D and also in 2D. The main objective of this function is to provide high end graphics using the computer’s GPU without using any additional plugins. This error occurs mostly when the website you visited has more graphics that the computer or the browser couldn’t handle.

About Rats! WebGL hit a snag error

You will face this error when you tried to visit some of the sites which is probably a stimulation or a gaming website which needs graphics and a graphical processing unit to render the functions of that website. So when the browser could not render the graphics of that website it will throw a rats WebGL hit a snag error.

How to Fix rats WebGL hit a snag error?

There are 2 fixes for the error and you can only fix it if the graphics rendered by the website is supported in your computer graphical processing unit. So, try both the methods mentioned below to fix your annoying error.
The first method to fix this error is to disable the hardware acceleration because it will disable some of the less intense functions and uses only high processing functions to process the graphical processing unit request. Below is a detailed method to disable Hardware Accelerated Graphics in google chrome browser.

Method 1)


  • Open you chrome browser and go to settings or browse the following URL and scroll down till the end and click on advanced settings.URL to enter: chrome://settings
  • After the browsers shows you the advanced settings, check for the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option in the list of the options.
  • And uncheck this options and you will have the problem fixed. Just restart your browser and try visiting the same page again, you will probably get it!

If you still face any problem, then try the method 2 fix, it will surely fix your error for sure because in this method you will directly turn of the web graphics library and force you to install the recommended plugins.

Method 2)


  • Open your google chrome browser and enter the following URL and hit enter.URL to browse: chrome://flags
  • Now you will get a lot of options, search for the disable WebGL option, if you could not find it then press CTRL + F and enter WebGL and you will get the option directly.
  • Now just enable the option “Disable WebGL” and close the tab.
  • Now restart your chrome browser and the problem will be fixed. You will no longer see the error in those websites again. And you will be forced to install some plugins for the graphics rendering.

If still the problem precedes you have no option, you have to change the browser or try upgrading your operating system, browser or your graphical processing unit, this will fix the problem if you upgrade them to the latest versions. Now you can easily fix rats webgl hit a snag error

Hope you all enjoyed the post of rats webgl hit a snag error.

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