Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons

This Post is regarding Best Kodi Addons 2017. Best Kodi Addons for Live TV, Sports, etc

About Kodi

Kodi is a television based android application which has a hell lot of features, add-ons and a lot of thing which you couldn’t even imagine of. You can do everything in kodi in your smart TV that you do on your android smartphone, there are a lot of kodi add-ons for watching movie, TV shows, TV series and songs, sports, news, radio and also Live TV channels.
In this post I will list the top 5 best kodi addons that everyone must try!

Top 5 Best Kodi Addons

  1. Exodus:Exodus is a wonderful kodi add-on developed and published by Lambda, this add-on features almost all the Hollywood movies, and also other language popular movies, TV shows, TV series, some songs and a lot more video, the interface of this app is very simple and materialistic. The category and the search section of this add-on is really great that you can sort out the movies directed by a particular director, the movies with same heroes, etc. so that you can search and find any movie that you wish.
  2. Stream Engine:Stream Engine is another great plugin which is specialized for sports, in this add-on you will find almost any sport that you could think of, sports like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, hockey, wrestling and a lot more sports are stream live in this add-on. Also it live streams several sports TV channels like Sky Sports, NBA TV, ESPN, etc. This add on also stream movies, TV shows, songs, etc. and the add-on is completely free to download and also one of the most popular kodi add-on which has 4-star rating.
  3. Anime GOAnime GO is a great add-on for kodi which live stream many animes and cartoons from all over the world. This add-on features over 500 different animes and cartoon series from all countries. This add-on is specially streaming most of the Japanese series which add-on couldn’t. You can search for any anime you want using the tool provided by the add-on itself, you can sort out the animes from different countries too. This add-on is free to download from the official website and the installation process of this add-on on kodi is also very simple.
  4. iPlayer WWWiPlayer WWW is a kodi add-on which stream all TV channel live. Many people use kodi specially for this add-on as it is replacement for the cable connection TV channel and you can discontinue the TV cable connection and use kodi and this add-on to watch all channel lively. This add-on has almost all famous TV channels listed, so you will never miss any of your favorite TV channel.
  5. X movies 8X Movies 8 is a famous websites to stream all the new movies which every movie lover will surely know about, this is their official kodi plugin through which you can steam all the movies that are available in their website.So, if you are a movie lover and want to watch new movies, then this is a must try add-on for you.
Hope you All enjoyed the List of Best Kodi Addons

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