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Add All Facebook Friends to Facebook Group in one Click

Facebook groups are in a great demand to promote anything online. It has many features like whenever some member posts in the group all members get to know about the post as Notifications.
Facebook was started in 2004. Everybody is aware and loves to use Facebook. Facebook has an option of creating groups, pages and also Facebook Apps and Facebook Games. Groups on Facebook are huge in numbers and are increasing day by day. Learn How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group.

Starting a Facebook Group is free and easy. Make a facebook group when you have great numbers of active friends on your Friend list. 

How to Create Group on Facebook

1) First, sign up and create the account on Facebook.
2) At the top right side of your Facebook Profile, there is the small arrow, besides notification bar, under that you will get an option of create group. 
Add All Friends to Facebook Group

Add All Friends to Facebook Group

3) Name your Group, add members, and select a privacy. Either closed, Public or secret Facebook Group. You can make a Secret or Private Facebook Group.
Add All Friends to Facebook Group

Add All Friends to Facebook Group

4) I recommend making it public if you want to make it famous.

Benefits of Facebook Group

#1) Free to create it.
#2) Promote anything which is allowed by Facebook. 
#3) Add members to group for free.
#4) Facebook Account is the only requirement for creating a Facebook Group.
#5) You can add multiple Admins to the group.
#6) You can make the group either Public, closed or Secret.

Add All Friends to Facebook Group

1) Open your Facebook Group Page.
2) Right, click and hit inspect > console or Press CRTL+SHIFT+I or F12.
3) Now get the Script from here and paste it int Console.
4) You are done, all your Friends will be added to your Facebook Group.
In case if you find this process complicated or time-Consuming you can try these two Chrome Extensions. But you can use Chrome Extensions only on Google Chrome Browser.
Just Download and Install Chrome Extensions.
Facebook Group Invite All
Facebook Friends to Group Adder Extension.
Hope you all got the benefit of this script to Add All Friends to Facebook Group in one Click.
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