Alexa Widget Add to your Blog

Alexa Widget Add to your Blog With the easy methods

Every Blogger wants to Improve Alexa Rank of his/her blog. Alexa widget plays an important role, it is always checked by direct Advertisers. There are many factors like submit site to Alexa, Installing Alexa toolbar, writing unique content and much more. If you are looking to make money with direct advertisements and sponsored reviews, then you must Improve Alexa Ranking of your Blog. Learn How to Add Alexa Widget to your Website

If a blogger has already installed the Alexa widget the reader can check the Alexa ranking on the site only, no need to visit the Alexa Site. and Alexa toolbar, are called as Alexa rank checker it is 100% free to check unlimited Blog Alexa Rankings.

In this post, you will learn the following topics

1) What does Alexa Rank Mean ?

2) How to Add Alexa Ranking Widget to your Blog?

3) Alexa Top 20 Sites

What Does Alexa Rank Mean ?


Alexa was founded in 1996, It is a company of amazon, and it is based in California, USA. Alexa rank defines the stats of the site. It includes the bounce rate, search visits, daily time on site, keywords for which the site is ranking, traffic sources and backlinks. It gives the full data of the site. The number 1 Alexa Rank is of Google, the lower the Alexa Rank, the better is the traffic stats. It fluctuates if there is a change in the traffic of the Blog.
There is a different method for WordPress and Blogger Blogs. Both methods I will explain. First, I will tell for WordPress.

Alexa Widget For WordPress 


Step #1) Download and Install the Plugin called Alexa Rank Widget.
Step #2) Activate the Plugin.
Step #3)  Go to Appearance > Widget
Step #4) Relace the domain name with your Domain Name 


Alexa Widget Code For Website Blogger 


Step #1) Open Blogger Dashboard > Layout 
Step #2) HTML/Javascript, copy the Below code and paste it, replace the domain name with your Domain Name. 
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” 
target=”_blank” ><script type=”text/javascript” 
This will display Rank as well as Links. If you want to Display only Alexa Rank without links then copy the below code and paste it. 
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” 

<script src=”” 

Alexa Rank List of Top 20 Sites 

1) Google 
Alexa Widget
The above Image see how much traffic from worldwide the google is getting. It 
is the Best Search engine. People trust google because of its quality results. 
It’s Always on Number 1.
2) Youtube 
3) Facebook
4) Baidu 
5) Yahoo
6) Amazon 
7) Wikipedia
11) Live
12) Taobao
13) Bing 
15) Msn
18) LinkedIn
19) Instagram
20) Weibo 
This list was Taken from The ranking fluctuates, but for these top sites there are some slightly changes in rankings, they will be in the Top list.
There are many sites from where you can buy Alexa web traffic for increasing Alexa score. Many Bloggers make Money with Sponsored Reviews, so they focus on Alexa Rankings more for better results.

I’m sure somehow Improvements you will get in the Alexa Rank after adding the Alexa Widget or Alexa Ranking Widget