Craigslist Posting : How to Post Ads on Craigslist in Multiple Cities without getting Flagged?

Craigslist is one of the most popular Ad classified site in United States. This post covers a lot of detailed Information. Craigslist Posting service is huge in Demand. Do not try Craigslist Posting Software, there is no such software and you will easily get detected. Today on aktechblog learn how to post ads on craigslist in multiple cities. You can try our craigslist posting service

What is craigslist ?

Craigslist is an website of classified advertisements with various categories like real estate, personals, gigs, services and many more. It was founded in 1995 at San Francisco, United States by Craig Newmark. It supports various languages like Spanish German, Italian and Portugese. It is mostly popular in United states. 

Craigslist Categories 

First there are the the categories of the countries > cities. As you can see in the Image there are various categories into that there are also sub categories 

how to post ads on craigslist in multiple cities
Craigslist categories

There are multiple categories to post classified ads as you can see in the Image.

craigslist popular categories are like housing, jobs, personals and services


You can post to craigslist in multiple cities at once but by keeping a gap of time or else it will look like robot posting.


How do I Put an Ad on Craigslist?

1) First Create an account, fill in details.

2) Now first select the country, than city and then select a suitable category according to your ad. 

3) On the upper left side of the page there is an option of post to classifieds.

how to post ads on craigslist in multiple cities

4) Now select the category like hosing services, personal, gigs,etc. After that at the top right side there is an option of post. 

How to post and ad on craigslist ?

5) Now select the sub-category which is suitable for your Craigslist Ad.

6) Fill in the details suitable to the options.

How to post and ad on craigslist ?

6) You can edit your craigslist ad anytime, buy selecting the option of edit.

7) Enter the captcha for human verification.

8) You are done.

9) If you follow all the rules and post it , it will be live

Note : All sections are not free to post, some are paid.

Many of times questions may pop up like can you post craigslist ads in multiple cities?

The answer is yes you can post it.

How to post ads on craigslist in multiple cities without getting Flagged?


Step #1) Get a VPN (virtual private network) or get some Quality Proxies. I recommend to get it from buyproxies.
Step #2) Create multiple email address. I recommend Yahoo or gmail. Do not go with temporary emails, you will loose your efforts.
Step #3) Clear the cache and cookies of your Browser, whenever you post a new Ad.

Video of Craigslist Posting 

So now you can post to multiple craigslist cities at once either in same city or in different cities. Make sure you follow my procedure.
In case if you are confused about posting ads on craigslist, you can contact me on Facebook .Hope you enjoyed Craigslist posting tips. Now you know how to post ads on craigslist in multiple cities
Have a great day ahead.

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